Dive Computer Manuals

The redesigned Suunto DM5 allows you to download your dive logs for advanced analysis and upload detailed dive plans to your dive computer. For Suunto EON Steel and Suunto EON Core owners, DM5 offers display customization and firmware updates. Dive planning has become easier with DM5. The program is free to download.

Suunto DM5 is available in English, Dutch, French, Finnish, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Chinese. It supports the following dive computers: Suunto EON Steel,  Suunto EON Core, DX, D9tx, D6i, D4i, D9, D6, D4, HelO2, Cobra, Cobra2, Cobra3, Vyper, Vyper2, Vyper Air, Vyper Novo, Zoop, Zoop Novo, Vytec, Vytec DS.

The minimum OS requirements are: Mac 10.7 / Windows XP

Download Suunto DM5 for free here:

For Windows

For Mac

DiverLog Drivers 
for Desktop Clients:

DiverLog/DiverLog+ is/are the best-in-class digital log book to record and share all of your dive information.

Never again wonder where you saw that pod of spinner dolphins, or wish you had still that dive buddy’s contact information, or wonder what weight you’d used on your last dive. It’s all captured in DiverLog by Pelagic Pressure Systems. And your Aqua Lung dive computer is all set to easily sync and upload your information. And just for the i750TC and i300C, its Bluetooth technology allows all of this to happen instantaneously with your mobile device right to your App—even while you are still on the dive boat! It’s a great opportunity to analyze and share your dive right in the moment.

Download the DiverLog+ Mobile App – FREE!