about us

Scuba World, located at 3324 N. Illinois St. in Swansea, IL, has been training families to “dive into fun” since 1992. If you’re looking for something new and exciting for yourself or that you can share with friends and family, stop by and schedule an introductory session.

Our professional staff will take you to the safe confines of a pool to try your first breath underwater! You will experience the freedom of being weightless as you swim underwater, breathing comfortably from your scuba gear.

Scuba World is a member of the Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI). We are a PADI 5 Star Dive Center, offering lessons for beginners up to instructor. We have all your equipment needs and offer sales, service and rental of some of the top of the line manufacturers, such as Aqualung, Apex, Suunto and Henderson, just to name a few.

We also offer travel, so once you have taken care of your training and equipment needs, you have professional staff to lead you on your diving adventures. Scuba World offers trips to local dive sites as well as trips around the world. So whether it’s a local lake or quarry, Florida, the Caribbean, or even Micronesia, let Scuba World be your guide to fun and adventure! Planning a trip on your own? Let the team at Scuba World help!


our staff

  • Mike Yociss
    Mike Yociss Owner, PADI Instructor
  • Karl Sturm
    Karl Sturm PADI Instructor
  • AJ Mueller
    AJ Mueller PADI Instructor
  • Shawn Neville
    Shawn Neville PADI Instructor
  • Eric Woodward
    Eric Woodward PADI Instructor
  • Dave Kniepkamp
    Dave Kniepkamp PADI Instructor
  • Tom Lintker
    Tom Lintker PADI Instructor
  • Kara Neville
    Kara Neville PADI Assistant Instructor
  • John Oglesby
    John Oglesby PADI Assistant Instructor
  • Chris Bertelsman
    Chris Bertelsman PADI Assistant Instructor, Retail
  • Greg Ireland
    Greg Ireland PADI Assistant Instructor
  • Josh Bierman
    Josh Bierman PADI Assistant Instructor
  • Leah Joyce
    Leah Joyce PADI Assistant Instructor
  • Kathy Effan
    Kathy Effan PADI Assistant Instructor
  • Matt Meier
    Matt Meier PADI Assistant Instructor
  • Doug Smith
    Doug Smith PADI Assistant Instructor
  • Dave Holden
    Dave Holden PADI Instructor
  • Marc Effan
    Marc Effan PADI Assistant Instructor
  • Lynn Kleeman
    Lynn Kleeman PADI Divemaster
  • Rudy Schwartz
    Rudy Schwartz PADI Divemaster, Repair Tech
  • Kayla Schiller
    Kayla Schiller PADI Divemaster
  • Patty Nemec
    Patty Nemec PADI Master Scuba Diver, Retail
  • Erin Juenger
    Erin Juenger PADI Assistant Instructor, Repair Tech