Regulators & Valves Labor Cost
Complete Regulator (1st stage w/primary 2nd Stage) $40
Additional 2nd Stage (Octopus) $15
Airsource (Integrated Octopus) $20
Parts kit for regulators varies according to model.  Stop by the shop for a free estimate.
 Buoyancy Compensators Labor Cost
i3 System $15
B.C. with Standard Inflator $15
Standard Inflator (No BCD) $10
Puncture Repair (1st patch, each additional patch is $10) $20
 Scuba Cylinders & Valves Cost
Visual Inspection $10
Tank Valve Rebuild (Includes Labor) $36
Air Fill (3000 psi) $7
  • All costs listed are for labor only, Parts are not included
  • To keep the Free Parts for Life Program active, both inspections and overhauls need to be documented in the Annual Service & Inspection Records included in the Owner’s Manual CD or can be found online here. If an inspection or overhaul is missed, the regulator no longer qualifies for the Free Parts for Life program.
    • Year #1 – Inspection
    • Year #2 – Overhaul
    • ear #3 – Inspection
    • Year #4 – Overhaul
    • Etc